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Dissecting my Sony A7RII :Teardown

I got a Sony A7RII dust cheap due to the fact that it submersed in a sand dune and was blew by compressed air. Please listen. Don't blow the sand off from your camera or lens by compressed air. The air will drive the sand going deeper into your camera.  Just shake or brush the sand off the camera.

So I need to clean the whole camera and/or replace the shutter if sand was getting into it.  The A7Rii indeed in good condition only with stuck shutter occasionally.

Before dissembling the camera you need some tools.
1.  JIS srew driver (not the normal Philips screw. Using Philips screw drive will slap the screws, period). Stop if you don't have.
2.  Alcohol.  I use 90% ethanol and it can dissolve the black tape or the screw paint.
3.  Scotch tape. To protect the heat pad
4.  Small plastic bag or container to store the parts
5.  Conductive bag. To store the main circuit board and imager/stabilizer assembly.

If possible using anti-static mat especially in a very dry season.

Here is th…

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